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Advertorial Video Content

Incorporating advertorial content into your next event can help tell your story and market to others. This video content allows you to extend exhibitor, supplier and sponsor messages beyond the show floor.

At CNTV, we can help you plan and produce advertorial content that will connect existing and potential customers with show exhibitors and event sponsors. People tend to engage with videos more than other types of content. They’re more likely to watch them and even share them, helping you reach new audiences. With our artistic skill and personalized touches, you’ll be able to deliver messages in a thoughtful and memorable way.

Partner With a Team That’s Experienced in Content Production

For over 15 years, CNTV has been specializing in producing digital media and content for a variety of meetings and events. Throughout our years in business, we’ve come to be known as a company built for both speed and efficiency.

No matter what kind of advertorial content you need us to produce for your event, you can count on our team of talented digital experts to provide you with guidance and custom solutions that will make your next event easy.

Experience Comprehensive, Customized Advertorial Video Content Services

Our advertorial content services are designed to help you achieve increased impressions and engagement at your next event. Regardless of which service you need, we’ll customize it based on your organization’s needs, budget and overall goals.

We’ve also designed our advertorial services with the capability to help you generate more revenue. One way you can do so is through our Sponsor Spotlight, which will provide you with benefits such as:

  • Coordination and planning with our Content Manager.
  • TV broadcast quality interview video.
  • A professional TV host who will facilitate the discussion.
  • Continuous, nonscripted discussion up to three minutes long to highlight sponsor messages.
  • Additional video recorded at the sponsor booth.
  • A sponsor call to action.

Our Sponsor Spotlight also includes graphic elements ranging from the title to the company of the interviewee to help raise brand awareness throughout your event.

Take Advantage of Our Easy and Efficient Planning Process

When you trust our team here at CNTV to handle all your advertorial video content production needs, you’ll appreciate our seamless planning process. Before we get started, you’ll be able to meet with the team who will be by your side from start to finish. You’ll share your goals and vision with them, and they’ll get to work planning all the details for you.

We’ll take care of all the details of preproduction — and then we’ll bring your event to life.

Start Planning Your Advertorial Video Content Today

Here at CNTV, we’re dedicated to planning and producing your advertorial content in exciting, unexpected ways. The combination of our expertise and software capabilities ensures that your advertorial content is one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re planning an in-person, hybrid or virtual event, we’ll work with you to produce content that tells your story.

Ready to start planning your advertorial video content production? Contact our team today to learn more.