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Attendee Acquisition Video

No matter the type or size of the event that your organization is planning, you need to be able to attract enough attendees to make it a success.

Whether the event is in-person, virtual or hybrid, reaching the right group of people ensures that your organization is able to continue growing your audience — which in turn will continue to drive revenue. Incorporating attendee acquisition videos is one way to achieve these goals. These videos allow your organization to reach past attendees and engage a new audience at the same time.

Here at CNTV, we have a range of attendee acquisition video services to help you market and grow your upcoming event.

Partner With an Experienced, Efficient Team

Ever since we founded CNTV in 2007, our team has been helping organizations attract attendees and enhance their experience through our video services. We have a team of digital experts who prioritize speed, efficiency and dynamic storytelling in every project we take on.

We understand how to create the most engaging content for your next event, exhibition or meeting that will help you acquire new attendees. Because your organization is unique, you deserve to work with a team that will deliver custom video solutions based on your industry, needs and budget. So, no matter which service you need, we’ll personalize the video for your business and provide you with the support you need from start to finish.

Our Attendee Acquisition Video Services

Our attendee acquisition video services are all built to deliver when it comes to authority, speed and style. Our team of professionals can help your organization acquire attendees by producing videos that increase excitement leading up to your event. We aim to inspire attendees to sign up for your event right away so they don’t miss out on everything you have to offer.

For a personal touch, our team can incorporate your organization’s branding and logo as well as share the specific reasons why attendees should come to your event. With professional aspects ranging from a host to a call to action, we’ll help you showcase your event and attract an audience of attendees.

What You Can Expect From Our Attendee Acquisition Video Production Process

When you decide to partner with CNTV to boost your attendance for your next event, you’ll start by meeting our team. After you share some details about your event with us, we’ll start planning and creating a timeline.

Once that process is complete, you can count on us to handle everything from preproduction to livestream testing before we produce your video.

Start Creating an Engaging Attendee Acquisition Video Today

If you’re ready to produce a video that tells your story and drives attendance for your next event, we’re ready to help. Our team of industry experts is available to deliver customized solutions that will make your next event a breeze.

To learn more about what we can do for your organization, be sure to fill out our online contact form. We’ll be in touch to help you get started.