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6 Ways to Increase Video Views At Your Next Event

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Poor video views got you down?  These six ideas will help you engage with more attendees and achieve more views and impressions at your next event. 

Article by: Raquel Rodriguez, Senior Content Manager



  • Send Text/Mobile App Alerts Before and During Your Event
    Our smartphones have become as essential as eating and breathing in our daily lives.  Capitalize on your attendees’ phone addiction by sending text alerts or mobile app alerts with a link to where they can watch a video. Take it a step further and embed the video in your event’s mobile app to provide one-stop shopping for your attendees…but make sure to advertise it’s there!
  • Email Blast Recap Videos Every Morning
    Find a video partner that produces on-site event highlights the same day they are recorded. Take advantage of this same-day video content and email blast recap videos first thing in the morning when your attendees are checking in on their normal day-to-day jobs. After the event, continue to email blasts video from your annual meeting so that the audience is engaged with the video brand or network you have invested in throughout the year.
  • Use Social Media Platforms (Correctly)
    When attendees aren’t in a session or on the tradeshow floor, there’s a high chance they are on social media. Videos is essential for communicating on social media platforms, but here are some considerations to keep in mind. Videos on IGTV (Instagram TV) need to be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. IGTV videos also tend to be watched vertically instead of horizontally so have videos produced specifically for Instagram. Viewers will see the difference (poor formatting is a distraction)!

Sample of video created for playback in Instagram feeds

– On Facebook, the maximum video length can be 120 minutes. However, when was the last time you watched something that long on social media, during an exciting live event nonetheless. With so much scrolling going on, we recommend keeping your videos 15 sec to 1 minute long. Facebook Live is also a popular way to drum up excitement about your event and create FOMO/JOMO for those not in attendance. Advertising hit times (when you will go live) and boosting your posts with some marketing dollars can help get the eyeballs you’re looking for.
– On Twitter, the maximum video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
– On LinkedIn, the maximum video length is 10 minutes. Also stay tuned for further roll out of LinkedIn Live.


  • Play Content In On-Site Monitors
    Creating a memorable experience on-site is crucial for event marketing budgets. Integrate tv monitors and speakers in your event space where you already have chairs and outlets so attendees can sit back, relax and watch videos that just might include them.
    Playback the daily video in your booth and at the registration area to maximize the branding your attendees are exposed to. Also think about adding important announcements and sponsorship messages to the video loop.

Sponsor testimonial of value in on-site monitor playback


  • Shuttle Buses
    Shuttle buses deliver to event planners a captive audience. This makes them the ideal solution for communicating messaging during an event. A word of caution: Those who succeed in this will warn you that a good relationship with the transportation company is important to make sure every bus driver has the knowledge and diligence to play the video each day … with sound.
  • Hotel Rooms
    If you are interested in getting videos to play back in attendee hotel rooms, CNTV will work with your hotel contacts on the logistics. While there’s no way to accurately count who was watching the program, the events with the most success take it a step further and have a tent card placed in the attendees’ room with the channel number.

Attendee testimonial of value in hotel room playback

If you’d like a customized marketing plan for your video content, contact CNTV. As much as you want people to watch the video, we do too, we worked hard on those!

Raquel Rodriguez is a Senior Client Content Manager at CNTV. You can contact her at: 


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