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Four Easy Steps to the Perfect Name Badge

Written by: CNTV

You Know The Drill.

You’re at a show, making small talk, when someone spots you from across the lounge and starts walking your way with a huge smile. They look vaguely familiar — maybe from last year’s show, or maybe from some late-night LinkedIn trolling. One thing is certain: they know your name.

You glance down as they approach, praying that the convention gods are smiling today and this person’s name badge is visible. But, alas, it’s flipped around. (Karma’s going to get you for that valet tip.) Now you’re stuck with a fake smile and the classic, “Hey…man. How are you?” Ouch.

For all the blogs and seminars preaching innovation at trade shows and conventions, there’s one low-tech area that could drastically use a renovation: name badges. Here are my suggestions for ways we can improve name tags:

Double-Sided Name Badges

I simply cannot remember the names of all the people I meet. During our busy season, CNTV staff will produce content for 20 shows or more over three months, some back-to-back. That’s a lot of faces and names. Barring a massive intake of Gingko biloba, a double-sided name badge is your next barrier to awkward conversations.

Make The Print LARGE

I’m not judging anyone’s age or any connected vision impairment, but I know I’m not getting any younger. If your attendees are walking around squinting, it might be time to upgrade the font size.

Make Them Adjustable

As a woman, those name badges can hang in all the wrong places, so they need to be adjustable. Longer, shorter, depends on what you’re wearing. Am I right, ladies?

Pouches Are The Best

Laminated pouches for name badges can serve double duty when attendees use them to store hotel room key cards and business cards. It’s a simple idea, but it keeps men from stuffing them into a crumpled pile in their pockets and ladies don’t lose them in the black hole of stray mints and chapstick containers at the bottom of their purse.

Understandably, name badges are lower on the priority list when you have a million other tasks to complete for a successful event. Keep these improvements in mind, though, when you get to name badges and you’ll earn tiny morsels of gratitude from your attendees. That adds up when you have thousands coming to your show.

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