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How Indoor Ag-Con Generated +28% Growth through Digital Marketing

Written by: Megan Saad

Indoor Ag-Con is the premier indoor agriculture trade show and conference for indoor | vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Co-located with the National Grocers Association (NGA) Show, it’s an incredible opportunity for their members to make connections and grow their business. 

After a year without the in-person event, they partnered with CNTV Marketing to invest in their digital marketing strategy to drive attendance and meet their goals.  

Here are ways CNTV became an extension of their team to build excitement, reach new audiences, and convert participants for their in-person event at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. 

Conduct Search Audit and Website Optimization 

To prepare for the most effective results, the process began by conducting a website audit and keyword research for both Indoor Ag-Con and The NGA Show. This provided insight on which words were being searched and how those searches had changed over time. 

Why is this important? It allowed opportunities to 1) identify any missed SEO opportunities throughout the content of their website and 2) narrow paid efforts to be hyper-targeted on qualified prospects. 

Key finding: competitors of Indoor Ag-Con were bidding on their brand keywords, which meant Indoor Ag-Con was not at the top of search results for anyone who was searching specifically for their event. 

Design Landing Page for Quick Conversion 

Like most event organizers, the main website for Indoor Ag-Con houses any and ALL information related to the event. While this is important for planning purposes, it can sometimes get in the way of converting registrants. 

To tackle this, CNTV created a dedicated landing page to communicate the highlights, build trust with an on-brand design, and feature “register now” as the one and only call-to-action. 

For Indoor Ag-Con, they received 2,676 visits to their dedicated landing page designed by CNTV and opened up the ability to deploy a retargeting campaign from those visits (for anyone who did not immediately register, that is). 

Incorporate Video Ads in Social Media 

Show organizers can spend all day posting on social media with little to no return if the messaging is not rooted in strategy and intentional on who the content is meant to have an impact on. 

For Indoor Ag-Con, it was a combination of building out various audience segments, creating multiple post formats, and monitoring performance weekly. 

Video ads became the top-performer early in the campaign. Video is the best way to captivate and connect with an audience and set expectations of the experience of an onsite event. 

Bonus touchpoint: retargeting ads created from still images went to groups who previously interacted with the video ads.

Shift Strategy and Invest in What Works

Throughout the three-month attendee acquisition campaign, marketing investment shifted based on performance between Google AdWords and social media ads. 

Once it was two weeks out from the event, prospecting efforts were paused and the focus was solely on retargeting efforts. By that time, ads had an average view frequency of 4 (a user saw the ad on average 4 times) and the likelihood of new prospects converting to registrants was lower the closer it got to the conference dates. 

Results: 28% Growth

Through Indoor Ag-Con’s partnership with CNTV Marketing, the digital marketing efforts accounted for +28% of total registration in 2022. 

Even better, this success in generating revenue opened up the budget for CNTV to capture videos onsite – a great way to create a sense of FOMO during the event and gather footage for the 2023 promotions. 

Plus, the below Highlights Video from the Opening Reception became an instant value add for one of their sponsors: signify. 

As promotions now kickoff for the 2023 event, the value of a continued partnership only becomes clearer. CNTV is now able to apply the above findings with many other lessons learned to continue to improve targeted messages and increase attendance. 

Do you need to up your digital marketing efforts but don’t know where to start? CNTV Marketing is designed to become an extension of your team. Let’s chat! Contact us any time: 

Megan Saad
Managing Director at CNTV | + posts