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Podcast: What is the Key to a Successful Event?

Written by: Joe Taylor

Event planners and show organizers have been attempting to answer the question for years, “What’s the key to a successful event?”

The emergence of virtual and hybrid events has only amplified its importance, as the shift from physical to online took tried and true in-person formats and turned them upside down.

Or, did it?

“If you have rich content and quality production, people are going to tune in to your event,” says CNTV co-founder and CEO Marcelo Zolessi. “And, they’ll be willing to pay for it.”

Zolessi recently caught up with Trade Show University podcast to talk about the importance of good content, turning your online event into a year-round revenue stream, and the future of the meeting and events industry.

Listen to the full podcast interview below or in its entirety here.


Trade Show University podcast featuring Marcelo Zolessi

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