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The Event Profs Guide to On-Demand Video Strategy

Written by: Brady Kimball, Sr. Director, Client Strategy, CNTV Marketing
event video strategy

At CNTV, as video professionals in the event industry since 2007, we have seen many event teams integrate videos into their sales and audience acquisition tactics over the years. However, as we learned during the pandemic, having on-the-fly content creation capabilities, once considered a ‘nice to have’ is now a NEED to have for any event marketing strategy.

The Problem: Information Overload
Consider this- if the volume of pre-event information to disseminate can be overwhelming for your internal marketing and operations teams, think about how your exhibitors and attendees will feel trying to keep up.

Aside from first-timer FAQ’s, there are basic questions from each audience that will need to be answered: how to get to the event, where to stay, how to get around, where to pick up badges, which education tracks are right for me, what special events do I have access to, and so much more…

Timing is Everything
Exhibitors need to know about booth set up and shipping logistics about 4-6 months out from the event. Prospective attendees will want to know the value in signing up. Then, about 1-2 WEEKS BEFORE an event they’ll want to review vendor lists and more specific session schedules. They’ll both want to know about any digital show planning resources available to them. And, don’t forget, you will also need an onsite strategy for those who show up onsite, without having done any pre-planning. The ultimate challenge for any event marketing team is how to organize all logistical information AND make it engaging enough so attendees ACT on it.

The Solution: The Anytime News
Take a cue from YouTube, and provide the ultimate cure for webinar fatigue when you create custom video content for your event audience.

Did you know humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Anytime you can provide a visual to accompany copious amounts of written information, your engagement and retention will automatically be higher. 

Get the attention of your audience and kick off your event marketing campaigns with a scripted, professionally produced series of episodes. Brand it as the new “know before you go”, and in addition to providing basic show information in a stylized, curated format, these episodes can be broken out, just like an email series, week by week to highlight hot topics and special events not to be missed at the upcoming event. 

Organizing this type of logistical information into a news-style broadcast AND offering it to your audience in an on-demand video format, enables you to meet their needs, on their time, which is something they have grown accustomed to in today’s world. 

Building interest in your event begins long before participants walk in the doors. Incorporating video in your attendee acquisition efforts allows you to show off the experience of the event in a dynamic way. 

For the Association of Corporate Counsel, it was important they communicated how excited they were to welcome back their members for the first time in two years. They also wanted to capture the energy of this year’s location, the all-new Resorts World in Las Vegas.

CNTV produced a series of promotional videos as a tool to re-engage with their target audiences, expand their reach, and drive attendance for the October event. 

Communicating consistently is key to staying top of mind and keeping your audience informed. Using the power of video allows for a uniform message to go out on multiple channels, increasing the chance of engagement and lessening the chance of misinformation being distributed. Plus, it frees up your team to accomplish last-minute tasks that tend to pop up as the show approaches. 

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Does this all sound exciting but you don’t have the time or resources to accomplish it on your own? CNTV’s extensive experience in the events industry helps us integrate with your team to immediately hit the ground running, especially when there are tight deadlines to get a project over the finish line. Getting started is simple. Contact us today

Brady Kimball, Sr. Director, Client Strategy, CNTV Marketing
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