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The New Show & Tell: Top 6 Reasons Live Studios are the Wave of the Future.

Written by: Carrie Ferenac

This years IAEE Expo! Expo! was a success. I am filled with so much excitement for the year ahead. The energy in Philadelphia was incredible; people were grateful to be in the same room, sharing ideas, making plans, and bonding over the year’s challenges and accomplishments. 

With so many great vendors at Expo Expo, the ideas are spinning for how, where, and what we can all do to help events roar back to life. Have you thought about how you will engage your audience in this new era? How will you help your customers achieve their goals? What is the experience going to look like? 

According to an independent study released October 13, 2021, by CMI and MarketingProfs, two-thirds of marketers expect to increase their marketing budgets in 2022, with over 69% planning to invest in video content. This news is music to my ears because it is CNTV’s passion to help you bring your event to life, in an engaging and visually captivating way. 

By developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy and creating a live studio at your next event, the benefits to your audience and customers are clear, as is the impact on your bottom line and overall success.

Top six reasons why you need a live studio at your next event. 

  1. A studio enhances the attendee experience.    For associations, their members see a custom television network. Literally. Production companies can now do what TV stations around the county had to do when COVID hit, which is broadcast remotely.   It’s possible to have roving live reporters, and multiple stories created throughout the day.  That means attendees will be interviewed, and see themselves on TV the very next morning.  That’s a cool experience.
  2. A studio creates year-round content.  We’ve all heard how important it is to interact with stakeholders beyond the confines of a 3-day tradeshow.  Now, it’s easy.   The interviews recorded at an event can be sent out in the weeks and months to follow — This content can “feed the beast” and fill social media calendars and e-newsletters.
  3. It’s more sustainable than a print show daily.   If you’re still printing show dailies at your event — it’s time to rethink that.  A live studio can create a greener version of the content and can be shared.  The show daily is left behind, where video interviews live online for years to come.
  4. Instant hybrid connection.  What better way to send content to a virtual platform than to live stream interviews from the show floor.  This is a way to engage both the in-person and virtual attendees. 
  5. It can become a destination to draw people to the exhibit floor.   If you schedule key people to be interviewed and add them to the agenda… attendees can come to the studio, take a seat, and listen in.  This is a way to get a deeper dive with a keynote speaker or to showcase an exhibitor.  Make sure to have seating, speakers, and charging stations for people who come to listen in.
  6. IT CAN BE SPONSORED.  Save the best for last…   Studios can be revenue-generating in many ways.  The actual studio can have a sponsor — the video content created at the studio can have a sponsor, and commercials can be embedded into the content.   Boom, another opportunity for exhibitors to deliver their message.  

As you bask in the after-buzz from Expo! Expo!, I invite you to consider taking a leap forward with CNTV as you plan your content marketing for 2022. Let’s get back out there and begin telling great stories together. 

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Carrie Ferenac is the President & Co-Founder of CNTV.