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The Secret to Hosting a Year-Long Show

Written by: CNTV

CNTV interviews Carrie Abernathy, co-founder and president of Association for Women in Events, at Convening Leaders 2016.

PCMA is once again leading the industry by stretching its Convening Leaders brand beyond the influential three-day event in Vancouver. Thanks to its renewed and longstanding partnership with CNTV, PCMA now has enough TV content to engage its customers year-round.

It starts with thoughtful planning. PCMA and CNTV worked together months before 2016 Convening Leaders to balance PCMA’s on-site and year-round content needs.

CNTV created a daily on-site TV program, which also had a major sponsor, to enhance the attendee experience in Vancouver. The team simultaneously gathered content to equip PCMA with material for email marketing, blogs and tease videos to promote educational products.

“Your members want constant communication, and we make it easier to do that,” says Carrie Ferenac, president of CNTV.

PCMA’s trendsetting reputation was also seen in the videos produced by CNTV for this year’s Convening Leaders. These content-rich pieces hone in on specific moments at the show, and drive home key messages through quick interviews with keynote speakers and thought leaders.

The success of these short videos was also due to advance planning. PCMA and CNTV’s collaboration identified trends and interview opportunities, as well as how to distribute the videos through channels like a mobile app, online video player and on the TVs in the room block.

The result was a collection of videos that used short strokes to paint a broad picture of Convening Leaders. These videos take full advantage of CNTV’s background in TV news, which emphasizes compact pieces that demonstrate impact.

If you’re interested in bringing PCMA’s success to your own show, reach out today.

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