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Exhibitor Acquisition Video

For in-person, online and hybrid events, your organization relies on attracting exhibitors to drive your attendance and revenue.

At CNTV, we offer a wide range of exhibitor acquisition video services to help boost your attendance and make your event a success. We can help you gather the necessary data and buyer insights to engage your audience while also gaining new leads and revenue. Ready to get started? Here’s how we can help.

Partner With a Team That Understands How to Market to and Obtain Exhibitors

Since 2007, CNTV has been helping associations enhance their attendees’ experience, drive year-round engagement and generate revenue through our wide range of video production services.

Regardless of the industry, you’re working in, we can help make your event easy with the help of our digital experts. We have access to a variety of different platforms and software, and you can count on us to customize each one to your specific needs and budget. Our collaborative, personalized approach helps us bring your event vision to life seamlessly.

Our Exhibitor Acquisition Video Services

At CNTV, all of our exhibitor acquisition video services are built for both speed and efficiency. Leading up to your event, we’ll help you begin raising awareness and building excitement through our video production services. Along with helping you gain exposure to a new audience, these videos also assist with attracting both exhibitors and attendees to your event.

Most importantly, we’ll personalize your video by including your organization’s branding and logo. We’ll also share the specific reasons to attend your event. By marketing to the destination and building a call to action, you can inspire your market segment to sign up right away.

These videos can also be incorporated into your marketing plan to help create a new stream of revenue and boost your ROI. By using this content for everything from advertorials to sponsorships, you can help cover some of the costs of hosting your event.

We’ll Make Your Next Event Easy With Our Collaborative Process

When you’re ready to create an extraordinary event, our team is here to help. We offer full-service support so that you have someone by your side from start to finish. When you partner with us, you’ll experience a simple, straightforward process that provides you with one-of-a-kind coverage.

Here’s a look at our collaborative approach:

  • You’ll start by meeting our team.
  • We’ll begin planning the details and timeline.
  • Our team will prepare for production.
  • We’ll execute our plans and bring your event to life.

Ready to Get Started on Your Exhibitor Acquisition Video?

At CNTV, we have the capabilities and expertise to help you produce and market exhibitor acquisition videos. Best of all, our team is passionate about delivering all of our services in unexpected, exciting ways.

When you’re planning your next event and need to begin marketing and obtaining exhibitors, you can count on our video services to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re planning an in-person, online or hybrid event, you can get started today by filling out our online contact form.