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Live Events Recording

Whether you plan on hosting a meeting, conference or seminar, incorporating live event video content can help increase engagement for both on-site and online attendees.

When an organization creates these recordings, they can also use them on social media, blogs or their site to help raise awareness of the current event and build last-minute attendance. And once the event is over, these videos can also be used to raise brand awareness and market to future attendees.

Work With a Team of Digital Experts at Your Next Event

The team at CNTV is made up of experienced, creative digital experts. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve created video content for a wide range of events, trade shows, meetings and exhibitions.

We’re industry experts, and we can help you capture meaningful live videos or recaps. Our company is built for efficiency and speed, but we never rush the process. We deliver custom video solutions that bring your vision to life.

Our Live Event Recording Capabilities and Services

Live events of all types and sizes can benefit from having a team of professionals working on their recording and recap videos. At CNTV, we specialize in creating engaging live event recordings that allow your viewers to interact in real time. Along with allowing you to reach a local and worldwide audience, these videos are also ideal for sponsor-ready segments.

To continue raising awareness and boosting your organization’s reputation after the event is over, you can incorporate an event recap video. In your video, our team will feature some of your on-site highlights. After compiling these moments, we’ll create a video that you can send out the next day in a blast recap. You can also deliver it by email throughout the year to continue engaging your audience and reminding them of what your organization has to offer.

Experience a Seamless Planning Process From Start to Finish

Regardless of whether you’d like our team to record your live event or produce a recap video, you’ll find that our planning process is simple and straightforward. After you meet our team and tell us some of your goals and ideas for the event, we’ll begin planning the details. Once a timeline is complete, our team will begin working on preproduction and livestream testing to ensure the big day runs smoothly.

On the day of the event, our team will execute everything. You can relax and focus on delivering an unforgettable event experience.

Start Planning Your Live Event Recording Today

Ready to start planning your live event recording or recap video? Work with CNTV to achieve one-of-a-kind event coverage. Our team will help tell your story in unexpected, exciting ways and help you achieve your goals.

When you partner with us, you can expect to work with a team of industry experts who are dedicated to making your event easy. Whether your event is live, hybrid or virtual, we can help you make it a success. Contact our team today to get started.