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Live Events

Live Event Recording Capabilities and Services

Discover the power of video when you deliver supercharged segments aimed at educating and invigorating attendees. Spotlight new features, showcase special events, and highlight your brands with sponsored content. Bring it all to life when you have CNTV’s broadcast professionals behind the scenes every step of the way.

Services Overview

 Highlight Video

Show off the best moments of your event and an insider perspective of what it is like to be part of it. A Highlight Video features all aspects of an event including the trade show floor, education sessions, and networking components–the perfect way to recap the experience and promote future editions of your event.

Live Studio Interview Production 

Attract attention like never before with a branded news studio set-up on site. This package includes the production of 10-15 interviews per day from a dedicated studio at your event. Create sponsored clips, leverage content year-round for your social channels, and website, and more. 

A dedicated studio at your event will attract attention, promote foot traffic, and has endless opportunities for thought leadership each day. This package includes the production of 10-15 interviews per day, an excellent way to provide sponsor messages or speaker spotlights for distribution both onsite and year-round. 


Leverage your event advocates by capturing the value they find in being part of it. Through Testimonials, CNTV will collect on-camera interviews with attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and key personnel while at your event. These can be vital when influencing decisions to be part of an event in the future. 

Daily Headlines

Partner with our team of professional storytellers to create video content branded to your event. This content is created in a television news style format with on-camera hosts available to provide a polished narration. Daily Headlines will provide participants a high-level overview of the day’s content, great for social sharing, boosting mobile-app engagement, and providing maximum value for your members and sponsors. 

Plus, Daily Highlights are prepared for immediate distribution onsite and online in shorter-form videos. All of the videos are then edited together, to create a 20-minute loop that can be played back in official hotel rooms, on shuttle buses, and on monitors around the venue. 

General Session Production

Create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression long after your event concludes. Our Executive Producers will be your one point-of-contact for overall concepts, content development, creation of visuals, and stage management to execute a seamless and elevated General Session.

Additional Services

On-Camera Host

With a large selection of diverse individuals in our talent pool, we will work with you to find the perfect individuals to represent your organization, both as host for General Session and the on-camera talent for your branded content. 

Facebook Live

Expand your reach by going live. Our crews will produce six segments each day from the show floor to be broadcast on the social network of your choice, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your own website.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Viewing

All session formats (hosted, picture in picture, full screen switched, slide with audio only) can be streamed live to an online platform. Our production crews will test the streaming environment beforehand and work with all participating speakers in the planning and setup. 


Videos Get Results

Regardless of whether you’d like our team to produce your General Session or a recap video, you’ll find that our planning process is simple and straightforward. Partner with us to discover the power of video has to build brand awareness, reach new audiences, and maximize the impact your event has.

If you are ready to get started, fill out our online contact form today.