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Live Streaming for Events

Our Live Streaming Services

At CNTV, we have the capabilities and experience to easily and efficiently craft engaging, sponsor-ready segments for your organization. Live streaming offers your organization the ability to reach local and worldwide viewers in real time. There is a sense of immediacy and spontaneity, making live event streaming a popular method for organizations across all industries.

  1. You’ll start by meeting our team and telling us about your event.
  2. We’ll begin planning the details and creating a timeline.
  3. Our team will start preparations and take care of livestream testing.
  4. We’ll build content to produce your event.
  5. We’ll go live on the day of your event

Along with allowing you to connect with local and worldwide audiences at any time, our professional live streaming services offer several benefits for your organization, such as the ability to:

  • Offer attendee networking opportunities.
  • Engage both in-person virtual attendees.
  • Market your overall brand or organization.
  • Drive on-site behavior.
  • Promote and market to future event attendees.
  • Build last-minute attendance.

We’ll help you achieve these goals by:

  • Delivering interactive question and answer opportunities.
  • Incorporating live polls.
  • Creating small group sessions.

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Through our live streaming services, we’ll help you tell your story. We’ll make your next event easy with our expertise and full-service support.

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