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On-Site/Same-Day Video Production

Our on-site/same-day video production services will help your organization capture powerful messages directly from your event, business function or any other setting.

With real-time video coverage, you’ll be able to inform, entertain or move your viewers to action. At CNTV, our team can help you achieve these goals by targeting the right audience in a way that speaks to them through our real-time video coverage.

Our Team of Experts Can Make Your Digital Event Easy

Founded in 2007, CNTV is made up of a team of digital experts who can help you create visually appealing and engaging content for your next event. Throughout our years in business, we’ve helped countless clients with a wide range of video services.

We know every organization is unique. That’s why we always deliver a customized approach to ensure we take care of your specific needs. No matter which one of our on-site video services you need, you can always expect speed, efficiency and dynamic storytelling capabilities from start to finish.

Our On-Site/Same-Day Video Capabilities and Services

From delivering thought leadership to engaging and boosting your social media presence, CNTV has a range of video services designed to meet your specific needs.

Daily News Headlines

Whether you’re trying to create a daily recap or market to both current and future attendees, our Daily News Headlines will deliver professionally produced TV-style videos for your audience.

Live Streaming

When you want to promote your event or engage your event attendees, you can count on our live streaming services. We’ll help you create sponsor-ready segments to help you reach local and worldwide audiences with real-time video coverage.

Sponsor Videos

Generate revenue and excite your exhibitors with high-quality sponsor videos including daily recap placements, advertorials, product demos and more.

What Our Planning Process Looks Like Leading Up to Your Event

When your organization decides to partner with CNTV, you can expect a seamless experience. Soon after you first reach out, you’ll be able to meet up with our team. After we learn more about your event and needs, our team will begin planning all the details as well as creating a timeline.

We will help you prepare by handing aspects ranging from pre-production to live stream testing. Then, on the day of the event, our on-site/same-day video services will bring your vision to life.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

With our on-site video production services, you’ll be able to experience one-of-a-kind coverage the day of your event. We are passionate about delivering our video content in exciting and unexpected ways. No matter the industry, topic or scale of your project, you can expect the same level of quality when you partner with CNTV.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to start planning for your production, contact our team today.